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Please provide us with links to any of the following social media accounts that you use to promote your yoga offerings:

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Workshop Information

Workshop Submittal One

A word about the format

Please consider the format of your workshop carefully. This question helps us to accurately assess the level of physical demand for the workshop so attendees can choose the most appropriate workshops for them.  Each year, we receive feedback from many attendees that the workshop they attended was more difficult than what they were expecting. Please read the descriptions below before selecting the most appropriate workshop format: Low intensity - the asana offered in this workshop would be appropriate for most peoples grandmother - think gentle stretching, restorative, etc. Moderate intensity - the asana would be appropriate for most adults who are in decent health - think hatha yoga, maybe yin. High intensity - the asana requires attendees to be in good health and likely to have practiced yoga before. This would be all workshops that include vinyasa yoga. Please keep in mind that the people who attend the conference range greatly in age and ability. The answer to this question helps them to identify the workshops most suitable for them.

A word about the audience

Please give special consideration to your audience selection. We receive a lot of feedback each year from attendees who feel like the presenters did not accurately identify their target audience. If you mark all of the boxes below, please be sure that your workshop can captivate, engage and serve everybody in a meaningful way - from the uncoordinated, new yogi who is struggling to follow along with a sun salutation to the teacher who has completely immersed themselves in yoga for a decade or longer.

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Workshop Submittal Two

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Workshop Submittal Three

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