Striving Towards Sattva

We recognize the significant distress being experienced in our community this week. We are truly and deeply sorry for the impact this is having on so many lives. We are sincerely committed to seeking reconciliation with the Palkhivala family. We have extended our wishes for this to them. With a heartfelt belief in the power of pain to be transformed into new understandings for all involved, we will persevere through this difficult time toward a sattvic outcome. We would also like to express our gratitude for the wise counsel from our mentors, teachers and those who are willing to walk through this fire with us.


5 thoughts on “Striving Towards Sattva

  1. With everything going on in our country we are still talking about someone’s hurt feelings, time to get over it. I want to hear all positive about Yoga, not about two groups getting along. Yoga is about being present, you can’t change the past.

  2. I have attended the conference since it’s beginning and have always felt it’s provided a bright light to our community. Some of my fondest and most memorable yoga experiences were with you and for that I am truly grateful. It’s been astounding and most unsettling to witness the extreme malice, hatred and attacks against such a beautiful model for our community. Thank you so much for all you do! Namaste.

  3. I had such an amazing experience at the NW Yoga conference! This was my first time attending after years of thinking about it! It’s such a bummer how the drama turned out!
    Regardless of it all, it was still an amazing event! I learned soooo much! I saw the people out front and chose to ignore them! Personally, I am so tired of everyone making something out of nothing! Maybe I am totally out of left field as I don’t know the details nor do I care. What I did care about was the beautiful opportunity for so many people coming together to learn, grow, explore and push our own personal boundaries!
    Just my 2 cents !
    I know it doesn’t take away the pain/anguish and possible disappointment, just know that this yogini felt super stoked and blessed! It takes A LOT of work to put any event on! The magnitude of this size, (and still growing) organization , amazing teachers and all of the participants is the true testament of your amazing work!

    My ONLY “complaint” is I had to drive to Seattle!! Hehe! Spoken from a true eastsider!!
    (I say with with jest! 😉
    ….it didn’t stop me from going!
    Thank you thank you
    Look forward to attending next year!

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