Vendor Application

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Vendor Information

Please provide us with links to any of the following social media accounts you use to promote your company/product:

• Vendor will receive exact booth assignment on-site and not before.

• Vendor will only occupy their assigned space and will not extend their physical presence beyond the assigned space and dimensions.  Vendor may not place signage outside of their vendor space (for example, in the bathrooms, registration table, etc.).

• Vendor agrees to abide by all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, public safety, business licenses and sales tax permits.

• Vendor booth must be open and staffed in ordinance with Marketplace Hours unless otherwise approved by Marketplace Director.

• Northwest Yoga Conference shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance arising from causes beyond Northwest Yoga Conference’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, weather, acts of God, fire, flood, terrorism, strikes, failure of suppliers or subcontractors to substantially meet its performance obligations under this Agreement.

• Vendor will be solely responsible for any and all sales, use, or other taxes, fees, permits, and surcharges imposed by any federal, state, county, or municipality in connection with the fulfillment of the Vendor’s obligations under the this Agreement and any other agreements.

• Northwest Yoga Conference reserves the right to deny sale of items that have not been listed on the application. The sale of food or beverage is prohibited by Washington State Conference Center.

• Vendor understands that while vending and/or attending NWYC there may be photographs and/or video taken of participants including vendors and their vending spaces. These photographs and/or videos may be used for promotional, educational, or informational purposes in brochures, websites and newsletters. By vending and attending this conference, Vendor agrees that NWYC may take photographs and/or videos that include their image and their booth and that such photographs and/or videos may be used for promotional, educational, and informational purposes without compensation to them of any kind.

• Vendor agrees to assume the risk and responsibility for all damages, injuries, charges and costs, whether tangible or intangible, suffered by vendor, vendor staff and/or volunteers, event participants and vendor goods arising out of their participation in this conference.

• NWYC is dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable and enriching conference experience for everybody. Please be respectful of all conference participants (presenters, vendors, volunteers, and staff) and report any unacceptable behavior to conference staff or volunteers immediately.

• The vendor fee is non-refundable. The vendor fee cannot be applied as a credit towards future events nor can it be transferred to another business.

• This contract represents the entire agreement between NWYC and Vendor with respect to the services provided.