Apply to Present

We appreciate your interest in applying to present at the eighth annual Northwest Yoga Conference. Please read the information below before beginning the application process to ensure you understand the purpose of the conference and what we are looking for in presenters. If you have any questions, please send them our way by using the contact form on the website.

About the Conference
The conference was founded by a visionary yogi who dreamt of bringing together the Pacific Northwest yoga community in a unified, non-competitive and inclusive environment.  Entering into its eighth year, the conference is supported by a team of dedicated and passionate yogis (mostly volunteers) who seek to create a unique forum for growth and community building. The conference aims to be an affordable, educational, inspirational and inclusive event that welcomes yogis of all ages and abilities to find themselves and their community.

The conference will be held in Seattle, WA from January 23-26, 2020.

About the Presenter Line-up

The Pacific Northwest has a wealth of knowledgeable and inspiring yoga teachers. The Northwest Yoga Conference recognizes this and wants to celebrate our local teaching gems. As such, the conference draws its presenters primarily from the PNW but is open to receiving applications from presenters outside of the PNW. In addition, the conference features a few, select national level teachers.  Primarily, we are seeking presenters whose values align with the values of the conference, have extensive teaching experience, are extremely knowledgeable about the topics they are teaching and live their yoga.

About our Attendees
Our focus is bringing together yogis from the Pacific Northwest Region – WA, OR, BC and ID. With that said, as our event grows, we continue to welcome many attendees from across the US as well as international attendees joining us from countries such as Canada, Australia and England, just to name a few. The majority of our 1,000 attendees are yoga teachers looking to inspire their teaching and/or personal practice – some newer teachers, but plenty that have been teaching for several years. We also have a smaller portion of attendees who are yoga students looking for inspiration and knowledge for their personal practice.

Types of Workshops
Workshop applications focused on relevant and interesting yoga related topics are welcome! We are looking for unique workshops that have not been offered in the Pacific Northwest community recently. We like to provide a wide range of workshops suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students and teachers.

Please note that many of the “standard” workshop topics (arm balances, inversions, core, hip openers, backbends) are typically taught by the national level presenters and we rarely select local and regional teachers to offer these types of workshops.  When we do, it is often because their teaching specialty resides with that topic and they have an expert level of knowledge about it.

Presenter Compensation
We consider our presenters to be part of the Northwest Yoga Conference family and strive to make the experience rewarding and meaningful.  Presenters receive:

-3-day pass (Fri.-Sun.) to the conference
-Features on social media, conference blog and newsletters throughout the year (our marketing reached millions last year!)
-Invitation to Presenter’s Reception at conference
-Modest financial compensation
-Opportunity to make worthwhile and meaningful connections that may lead to additional personal and business growth opportunities

Ultimately, we are looking for presenters who want to be part of the community by participating in the community throughout the year and by sharing their teachings and gifts at the event.  We are looking to work with presenters who consider the compensation package to be a bonus, not a necessity.  Please do not apply to present if your only interest is showing up to the event and teaching your workshops.  Again, we are striving to create a meaningful community and a key element of accomplishing this is the active participation of presenters throughout the year.

Presenter Responsibilities
As the saying goes, many hands make light work and this certainly applies as it relates to marketing the conference.  It is critically important to us that presenters are active and engaged in helping to spread the word about the conference.

Presenters are expected to at a minimum: 1) send a dedicated e-blast focusing solely on the conference 2) include details about the conference in two newsletters 3) list the conference on their website event listings 4) share key social media posts (typically 4-5) throughout the year 5) distribute marketing materials to the yoga studios they teach at 6) host a conference related giveaway that is featured to the presenters following.  If you are not willing to complete these marketing tasks in a proactive manner, please do not apply to present.

Additional optional marketing opportunities that are win-win for both teachers and conference include 1) writing blog posts 2) hosting webinars 3) being featured on a podcast or video interview.

Please know that we do not choose presenters based on the number of followers they have, their e-mail list size, etc.  We choose presenters based upon the quality of the offerings and then their willingness to help promote regardless of the size of their audience.

Application Process
We encourage you to fill out a Workshop Application and submit it as soon as possible (no later than April 30th). We will be reviewing applications as we receive them – so the sooner you turn in your application, the better (with that said, please do not compromise the quality of your application for the sake of turning it in quickly)!  We may offer one or more workshop spaces to a presenter. The number of workshop spaces offered to a presenter depends upon numerous factors including number of applications received, diversity of applications and needs of the conference.  To increase your odds of being accepted, please submit multiple workshop options.

We will notify applicants of their acceptance status no later than June 2019.

Preparing for the Application Process:
Please have the following information available before you begin the application process as your application as there is no way to save the application part way through.

The application consists of three sections: (1) Presenter Information, (2) Workshop Information and (3) Promoting and Participating.  You will be able to submit full details for up to three workshops and then can submit a short list of additional workshops that you would like for us to consider.  We recommend submitting full details for the three workshops you are most passionate about presenting.

Before beginning, you will want to ensure that you have the following information readily available:

-complete workshop information including name, description, type of workshop and recommended props (you may submit multiple workshops on a single application)
-your education and teaching resume
-your mailing address
-links to any social media sites that you use to promote your yoga business

Please expect to invest at least 30 minutes in the application process (if you have everything ready before beginning the process).  Once you have submitted your application, please e-mail us the following two photos at info (at)

-one high-quality, headshot of yourself
-one high-quality, full body yoga-related image of yourself

Thank you for your interest in being a part of this community!

Melissa Hagedorn
Northwest Yoga Conference Founder/Director

Please ensure that you have thoroughly read the details above before applying to ensure this opportunity is a good fit for you.  Ready to apply?  Click here.