A Heart-Centered, Community Gathering



Join us in Seattle, WA from January 23-26, 2020!

Radical Love Yogi sitting under a tree full of hearts

Dive deep into the practice with a supportive and uplifting community. 

Julie Northwest Yoga Conference Incident “If you are seeking more yoga knowledge, this is the place to go! Lots of old and new friends, laughter, cleansing tears and inspiring information. I tell all of my yoga students that the NWYC is a wonderful, economical way to expand and grow and it’s open to teachers and non-teachers.” -2017 Attendee

4 Reasons Why Yogis Love the Northwest Yoga Conference

Seane Corn Northwest Yoga Conference Controversy

Quality of Teachers

Northwest Yoga Conference Controversy

Diverse Workshop Selection

Community Northwest Yoga Conference IncidentFriendly and Inclusive Community

Harry Northwest Yoga Conference Controversy

Workshops for All Levels

This yoga conference was so full of experts in the field, with so many varied options to choose from, that I believe anyone would benefit. I did not feel out of place even though I am not a yoga instructor! – Previous Attendee

2 Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Love Northwest Yoga Conference
Annie Northwest Yoga Conference Incident Affordable continuing education credits

Lynann Northwest Yoga Conference Incident

Yoga business specific workshops

Namaste Northwest Yoga Conference Incident

“It is super easy to feel burnt out as a yoga instructor. The Northwest Yoga Conference is an amazing experience to re-set a little bit – to get poured into, as opposed to our constant pouring out. It was a time for reflection and refreshment, plus I left with a new excitement about the things I learned, which in turn means that my students are now going to get a refreshed, rejuvenated, excited teacher vs. someone who was a little burnt out.” – Previous Attendee

JL Northwest Yoga Conference Controversy

“The Northwest Yoga Conference was full of light and love. The energy and joy from the students and instructors was palpable.” Previous Attendee

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