What to Bring

It’s never too soon to start planning!. We’ve put together a list of suggested items to bring, to get the most out of your conference experience.

Yoga mat and props. This might seem obvious. But if you’re used to practicing at a studio where all props are provided, remember that there is no “prop closet” at the conference. Bring whatever you’ll need to keep you comfortable and supported as you practice. (Suggested props for each workshop are listed at the bottom of the workshop description.)

Water bottle. There are a handful of water sources available on-site (water coolers and fountains) but we recommend that you bring your own water to ensure that you have ample supply for your needs.

Comfortable, layered clothes.  The venue is a large space. We will make every effort to keep the rooms comfortable, but temperatures will vary. Dress in layers that will be easy to shed during a vigorous asana session and put back on for savasana or meditation.  Most attendees always find themselves wishing that they had brought warmer layers.

Journal. With so many insightful teachers and workshops, you’re going to want a journal handy to capture all that you’re learning!

Mala. Bring a favorite mala for meditation workshops or just to take a moment to yourself between sessions.

Spending Money (for food and marketplace).  There is a cafe on-site as well as other dining options nearby.  Additionally, the Mindful Marketplace will be open for attendees to enjoy throughout the weekend.

Photo ID.  You will need to present Photo ID at the Registration Desk to check-in.

Most importantly, bring an open heart and your sense of adventure!

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